Hello Dear Saints of Calvary Webster,

As we move forward from this very daunting period in time, we will proceed carefully and cautiously, while we begin to open the church up for gathering and fellowship.

Some of the practical issues that need to be implemented, according to CDC guidelines have been simplified in a bulleted list below.

  • Sanctuary seating will be arranged with adequate spacing.
  • We are asking for all in attendance to wear face masks in consideration of others. "Loving our Neighbor"
  • The church building will be sanitized weekly
  • Children 9-years-old and above will be with their parents in the Sanctuary, unless parents prefer otherwise
  • If anyone is sick, coughing or sneezing, please remain at home, until your symptoms have subsided
  • We are asking for all to refrain from hugging or handshaking until the social distancing order has been suspended. Our compliance is a witness.
  • No baskets will be passed, love offering boxes are provided by each of the Sanctuary doors.

We are moving forward on the guidance and counsel of our President, Attorney General and the CDC, on his word he has promised to override protests of those who oppose gathering.

So God Bless you. Looking forward to seeing you, as we once again worship together our great God!