Calvary Chapel Webster seeks to make disciples of all nations through the missions that we support. These ministries span the globe, and typically involve individuals, churches, or organizations that we have met and begun fellowshipping with. This way, there is a greater degree of personal connection, where the people laboring are our friends and co-laborers, rather than just a picture on a wall.

Our hope as a body of believers, is to stir up in the hearts of our local fellowship, a desire to reach our "Judaea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth". 

We regularly take short-term trips to visit various missionaries and organizations we support. The purpose is two-fold: 

  • We serve the body of believers we are visiting in whatever means possible
  • In doing so, we usually get even more blessed than those we visit

Most recent trip - Uganda

In May of 2017, twelve members of Calvary Chapel Webster traveled with teams from other churches to the south central African nation of Uganda. There we assisted the Agents for Christ missionaries in building simple dwellings, teaching alongside the staff, and distributing medical supplies throughout the villages. Additionally, we offered to prayer for the villagers, who often appreciated the prayers as much as, or more than, the medical supplies!